Information about Hunchback Graphics, including a description of our process and the types of work we like to do.

who are we?


we are a
full-service branding +
graphic design shop

We are in business to help your business/organization establish its brand identity and stand-out from the competition. We’ve helped many entrepreneurs improve their marketing efforts, strengthen the quality of their collateral, and solidify their visual voice. We rely on core design principles to ensure that every typeface, image and color are right for your brand.


our process is simple

we learn


The better we understand your business, the better we can communicate to your clients. We take the time to discover what it is about your business that makes it tick and use it to help us build your visual voice. We research your audience, your competitors, and anything else we can think of to help cultivate the right design solutions.

we create


In a fury of crumpled paper and pencil shavings, we go to work developing a broad array of concepts. Here’s where we put our research to work, making ideas tangible and creating solutions for you to consider. We believe you’ll know you’ve made the best choice for a design if you have options to compare.

we connect


We reconnect to explore the possibilities and discuss what’s right for you. There’s no one way to solve a problem, but here’s where we decide what’s the best solution for you. And we continue to collaborate as we move through the entire process towards your finished design.



we deliver

Creative imagery and expressive typography come together to form a fantastic design that’s ready to be released to the world. But wait, there’s more… Usually we keep working with our clients, supporting them on future projects, and continue to help their brand evolve and expand.

instagram: @hunchbackgraphics