Well we were doing well there for a little, but we fell off the blog train pretty hard. That’s ok though. It happens. Expletive happens. It’s how we react and respond that defines us. A younger version of myself would have decided it was too much effort and probably would have just given up. I had this knack for getting myself in a good position then sabotaging it by being lazy. These days, once I get past the initial sting of failure, I begin working the puzzle. Retracing my steps, trying to figure out what went wrong and why. These days, I couldn’t be lazy and ignore Hunchback Graphics even if I tried.  

I mean it. I seriously can’t because Hunchback Graphics is all I think about now. Though it feels like I’ve forgotten about our little slice of the internet, it never strayed too far from my thoughts. We have been busy making some huge changes in our company, and making big leaps. What started as a moonlighting design firm has now become my full time job. For the past two months I’ve had the pleasure of dedicating my entire work week to our clients, and finally live the dreams that have been long fought for. It gets harder from here.

No more safety net. No more excuses. Basically it’s now or never, and I couldn’t be more excited. What started as a collegiate dream is now my everyday existence. We’ve had almost a decade now of failures and successes. We’ve grown as creators and entrepreneurs, and no longer fear failure. Failure isn’t a bad thing. We learn more from defeat than we do from achievement. What we’ve learned, we’ve applied directly to our business and our clients to help both flourish.

With this advancement in our operations, comes the need for more clients. We’re looking for the right types of companies who are willing to achieve more with our help. More on that in next week’s post.

Hunchback Graphics