Why Is Your Company Called Hunchback Graphics?

Surprisingly, this is a question we don’t get often. It could be that people are too nice to ask, or my physical appearance might be evident enough, but the name goes so far beyond the cosmetic, and speaks to the mindset we keep about our work.

So, to answer the question as to why we named ourselves Hunchback Graphics, the easiest answer is that I, Travis Duda, have a hunched back (known medically as kyphosis) that has been with me since age 18 or so. It used to bother me a lot, especially when people called attention to it. I mean who doesn’t despise hearing about their flaws? I struggled with this for a few years before realizing I was approaching it the wrong way. Kind of how Cindy Crawford confidently poses despite her mole, or using a more topical example, how Peter Dinklage is an amazing actor regardless of his abnormal stature. I couldn’t let something as trivial as physical appearance negatively define me. So I chose to embrace it. Use it as an identifier. People typically have an easy time spotting the hunchback in the lineup, especially when turned sideways.

As I continued to create and connect with other collaborators, I realized that there was more to the idea of the hunchback. We can be seen in many different lights and scenarios. For example, much like every true mad scientist needs a hunchbacked assistant, we see ourselves as the eager attendant to our clients, always willing to work meticulously towards their success.

The diligence we exemplify in our work can also be seen in a hunchbacked focus. At the time of this blog post, this isn’t our only means of income. Dan and I both work other jobs, to make sure our families are fed and sheltered. This means that we’re required to spend extra time, tapping away at the keyboard and working our poor eyeballs to twitching. However this isn’t a pity party, or a cry for help. It’s meant to show you that we understand what it takes to get it right. Hours spent bathing in computer light are well worth the rush of a successful campaign. So we stay hunched over our desks, trying to come up with the perfect logo, a better way to build a website, or how to engage audiences more so that we can stay effective for you.

So I have a hunch this post might raise a question or two. Ask me anything you’d like. I’m not shy, so please to leave your questions in comment section.

Hunchback Graphics